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'Great art for all children, all the time.'
“It’s inspired me to make my own paintings, and helped me with my composition.”  
Sameeha, Year 8
“From my perspective, this is the best thing to happen in years.”  
Caren Owens, Head of Art – Henry Tudor School, Pembroke
“Very few of our pupils will ever visit London and their art galleries. Now the art comes to us. It’s brilliant.”  
Fiona Kite, Headteacher
creating lasting impressions
Art In Schools uses digital technology to engage school children of all backgrounds with great art every day, even in the remotest locations. The charitable initiative intends to transform art education by leaping over the traditional barriers of poor educational funding, inaccessibility of collections, and the attitudes of young people themselves.
“Art In Schools will allow museums to share the nation’s art with so many more young people than ever before. It’s an ambitious programme deserving of broad support from the cultural establishment.”
Sir Charles Saumarez Smith – former Chief Executive of the Royal Academy, and Director of the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery

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message from the founder
“Art is a life-giving and civilising force, and all children should be given continual opportunities to see it.”

If you’re like me, art is an essential element of a full life. It was my parents who planted that seed, taking me to museums and filling our house with art. I was lucky. Most parents don’t do that. Why should they? For most, art museums are distant, expensive, and intimidating. Their children think art is boring. State schools, with evaporating arts budgets, cannot be expected to fill the gap. The result: most children will rarely, if ever, see great art in person, and grow up to love art.

Well, if the kids don’t come to the museum... we’ll take the museum to the kids. And, with technology and clever programming, we shall amaze them with the sensational world of art. We created Art In Schools to plant millions of seeds. I hope you share the vision - and will bear a shoulder. In particular, we seek a few bold ‘founder philanthropists’ who recognise this exceptional opportunity to transform art education.

Winton G. Rossiter