Art for the sake of art... and for the sake of our children.

“The recent challenges to all forms of art education in our state schools are well known. The Art In Schools project is a wonderful way of reaching large numbers of students quickly and easily, engaging them with art that they might never otherwise see. It’s a terrific project.”  
Professor Deborah Swallow CBE – former Director, Courtauld Institute of Art

While we believe in ‘art for art’s sake’, our charitable initiative has  a number of social objectives:

  • to close the ‘art gap’ in education resulting from funding cuts
  • to make art accessible to the most disadvantaged youth
  • to promote equality and inclusion through the programme content
  • to strengthen teenage mental health
  • to fulfil government’s ‘levelling-up’ agenda
  • to promote education and careers in the creative industries – a £116 billion sector with 2.3 million jobs.
Decline in arts subjects at GCSE and A-level

Closing the 'Art Gap'

Art In Schools conducted a national benchmark survey of 666 UK teenagers to discover the status of art in their lives. The survey found that a majority of young people do not engage with art and lack basic knowledge of the subject.


of young people have never been to an art museum or gallery


say that art museums are ‘not for people like me’


have never heard of Rembrandt

Click here to read the report: ‘Young People and Art’

“Schools are increasingly responsible for the personal welfare of their students, and there are some real challenges. The art has made the whole school a happier place, and that includes our staff.”
Nick Makin, Senior Administrator – Henry Tudor School, Pembroke